Whitby, Staithes , Runswick Bay and Sandsend paintings. 

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131017b View from Whitby.  24x18''

231215 30x24''

231128 30x24''

231107 30x24'' Runswick Bay

231010 30x24''

230804a 30x24''

230804b 30x24'' SOLD

230520 30x24'' SOLD

230519 30x24''  SOLD

230516a Saltburn 36x24'' SOLD

230516b Redcar from Saltburn 36x24''

230411 Sandsend 30x20''

221213  30x24'' SOLD

221201 Whitby Waves.  30x24'' oil on canvas. SOLD

221018 30x24'' oil on canvas. SOLD

221006 Runswick Bay 30x24'' oil on canvas SOLD

Runswick Bay SOLD

220628 Robin Hood's Bay.  30x24'' SOLD

220624a Runswick Bay 24x20'' SOLD

220624b  220624b SOLD

Sandsend  from Whitby 220517 30x24'' SOLD

220412 30x24'' SOLD

220412b 12x10'' SOLD


220408 30x24'' SOLD

220215 Looking towards Sandsend from Whitby.  30x24'' SOLD

220201 Whitby Storm 24x18'' SOLD

080422 Runswick Bay 24x18'' SOLD

080422 Runswick Bay 24x18'' SOLD

211109 Sandsend from Whitby 30x24'' SOLD

210921 Runswick Bay 30x24'' SOLD

210913 30x24'' SOLD

210803a From the South Pier. 30x24'' SOLD

210803b From the South Pier. 30x24''

210712a 30x24'' SOLD


210528 30x24'' SOLD

210421 30x24'' SOLD


210204 40x30'' Sold

201229 Whitby Beach  SOLD by www.wychwoodart.com/

191218b 60x50cm  SOLD

190819 Whitby Beach 60x50cm SOLD

190513a Sandsend 60x50cm

180518a Sandsend 30x24'' SOLD

180416 Staithes SOLD


170725.jpg Sandsend 30x24''

170614a.jpg Runswick Bay 30x24'' SOLD

Staithes 24x18'' 150805b.JPG SOLD

150725 Sandsend 30x24'' SOLD